Smells like Craft Spells

Our favorite Seattle sounds hands down have to be Craft Spells - Fleet Foxes are a close second - but they are still second. Craft Spells has the 'indie shoegaze, sway in your mind vibe' down to a science and the writing isn't less than captivating either. Great morning music that easily carries into the midday hours. We first discovered there Fog Rose High demo awhile ago - we haven't stopped pressing play since. Nausea is the name of their new album - first video is veeeery trippy. Good way to get lost. 

Now get lost.

The official video for Craft Spells' new single "Nausea" Video by Colin Macfadyen Craft Spells' sophomore LP Nausea is in stores now! Download on iTunes: Get the CD or LP on our webstore: Special Edition box sets available for a limited time:

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