The name of the game is and will always be people helping people. That is how you get to the next level someone gives you the boost because they believe in your product or idea. It's a quinessential part of the human experience. Not everyone takes this experience as serious as others but it's an important piece of any winning equation. I say that and immediately think of the people that do it with terrible intentions, people looking to capitalize off another. There are too many of those in the world - so when you run into the genuine version often times there is resistance because it all feels like a sham. It is an unfortunate truth but completely understandable when you think about the type of undercutting society we have built. Where is the love? Apparently right here - back at home like I knew it would always be. There have been many vessels that have helped us along the way thus far, both human and supernatural. 

The Marsupial Empire creative director and curator is a perfect example of the genuine side of things. He knows the people that know and do in his surrounding cities and he is working as a vessel to impart his network of knowledge onto his peers. If you follow him on Twitter then at some point you have felt the wrath of his wisdom in the form of rant. It all makes sense in the end. He expects his circle to excel - he doesn't exclude himself from those expectations either it's more like setting the bar for himself - a life expectancy level. Through watching the 'Moments at Wayne Manor' segment I identified with some part of guest's story. And it's refreshing to know another's achievements happen as organically as our own - mistakes and let downs included. It speaks volumes that people are willing to drop the curtain for Reese. See for yourself below. 

Perris WrightComment