It's not everyday that you find an artist who embodies the traditionalism of the decades behind us in order to preserve the integrity of an art. Instead you're given the evolved versions of whatever musical genres in an effort to hit the radio. But with open opportunities left and right in this day and age (Sirius Radio, Pandora, Spotify, eTc) to get paid independently if your management or self sufficing business acumen is up to par you can place yourself amongst industry competition. You may not blow up right away - but when you get that hit and people can look you up in the same place they look up Jay-Z and see you have some type of fans and some type of fan base you win them over that much more. Hanni is far past that phase he's already been looked up, already been found - by the crowd he was looking for, the fan with a shared enthusiasm for tradition and a loyalty to the artist who provides it. By the way Hanni is also an accomplished designer and was once creative director for a brand you might know named HUF before he decided to pursue his passion and other creative talent music and songwriting. 

Perris WrightComment