West Village Records. Since opening eTcTacoma we have had our fair share of the youth that come in and hang out with us. They use the time as an opportunity to learn and so do we. They learn about the back end of running a business, new brands on the scene and how to take L's in N64 Mario Kart. Every once in a while they impart some knowledge onto us that opens our eyes to a new perspective. In this case West Village Records is changing our warped perception of Lakewood and how the most Southern area of the 253 is viewed. 

Agnes is the front runner of the West Village Rec and has the tenacity of a lead man. Wacky hair, self identifying clothing choices and a demeanor that embodies the awkward disposition most cult followed independent artist exude. This latest video from WVR is shot, edited and directed by Agnes himself with nothing more than a long night, camera with a light and tri-pod. Salute DIY and 253. 

Perris WrightComment