We often talk shop in the shop about things brewing around the TOWN each of us has individually been keeping an eye on. In effort to grow any scene there must be support and we are just finding that within each other here in Tacoma. Local talents are linking versus competing and although competition is healthy you need camaraderie in order to create proper awareness. It works everywhere else, places like the Bay, the South and New York listen to themselves creating a self sustaining culture. Artist like Z-Ro, Mistah Fab and even Papoose as crazy as that sounds have been able to sustain their lifestyle off of their regional fan base alone. 

:30 is a group with plently seeds planted and a great start. They have the components necessary to grow their cult following and get the attention across the board needed to take it cross country. Sheed Be, Scooby Miles, Keon Simms and DJ_Q  seem to make up the musical core of the group although there are other non rapping members that effectively get the branding across to the people. One in particular is Phoenix who is actually the founder of the group as well as the producer, camera man and director of all the videos. When speaking with Phoenix you can feel his passion behind the meaning of :30 - it's not only a time stamp but a marker for lifestyle change and responsibility as in manhood. There is plently of time left for youth = :30 - there is more than enough time to present your case to the world. It's really a mind blowing mindset to live for, it's religious and advantageous, it's exciting. Although there are dark undertones in the bars and life experiences intertwined as well. They've got our attention and they're performing at JAZZBONES January 17th for Glenn's birthday opening for ILLFIGHTYOU. Be here

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