TWOTEN is a LA based sock company with plans of making fun graphics. Some of the graphics are based on colorful characters from cartoons past, others are lifestyle brand rips and some are pure imagination. Courtni the owner and creative director has been producing socks for some time now and after the necessary trial and error she has come out the other side with her own vision for how TWOTEN product should look and feel. There are three models, the thinner more formal "dress socks", a plush, fluffy feel and a sturdy athletic model. All three fit snug and are constructed with lasting elastic/ribbing.

Courtni also has a feature on Welcome to Fairfax the Pivot channel reality show. The show follows the orthodox Jewish community that turned into the streetwear mecca of America (the Fairfax district) because of its inexpensive office space in the early 2000's. Court has been a part of the culture a few years now so TWOTEN has been worn by most of the Fairfax kids including employees of retail stores such as OF, Crooks & Castles, The Hundreds, Flight Club and etc. TWOTEN is produced in the USA and eTc is the exclusive Northwest retailer. 

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