We have a lots of eyes on us, thankfully, for the first leg of our time on Pac Ave as a boutique and cultural haven for all things art, youth and Tacoma. We still maintain our aesthetic eye but we also understand sometimes it is all about the more the merrier. PDA is a publication based out of Seattle that covers marijuana culture, the sub-cultures and individuals connected within the industry throughout Washington state. They also do an amazing job at exploring their clientele's sub-cultures - that is where eTcTacoma and eTceTera enter. PDA reached out to us because they were interested in the waves that we have been making in Tacoma and because our Fall Delivery 2 had a few witty weed references. My personal favorite is our Leaf T which is half marijuana plant half Evergreen tree. DJ Eddie Bermuda might have had a little to do with the word of mouth as well - shouts to the homie Eddie. They did a good job at capturing the parts of conversation that explain what we want to do here and they help put us in the right light and for the right reasons. If you'd like a copy we would like you to be adventurous and make the trip to the PDA LOUNGE (2224 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121 / (206) 728-4053). 

Perris WrightComment