RATPATH is from Tacoma and they put on one amazing live show. At the ILLFIGHTYOU headlined night for Glenn's birthday this past weekend he asked Rat Path (a Tacoma punk band) to come out and perform a set. And not only did RatPath rise to the occasion they surpassed all preconceived notions. Right from the beginning David Almonte the lead singer exercised the power of synergy and spoke about the ended friction between parts of RatPath and parts of The Approach (who's sound is a lot like Sublime) in order to be able to do the show for Glenn's birthday. But it was his talk of Tacoma togetherness really got the crowd going, enough that an older gentleman (50+) pulled me aside mid performance to tell me what we do hits home as much as what Almonte had just said on stage. Emotions were high. That experience combined with the fact they are really incredibly technical musicians has us sold. More RatPath please.

Perris WrightComment