007: BOND BOYS: James Bond

Bond is the perfect mix of proper gentleman and mercenary. And if you've indulged in any of the early Bond years (the Roger Moore years in particular) he was also quite the comedian. Ian Flemming set out to make the perfect man spy and he succeeded. Bond is irresistible to women, no matter their nationality, a critical thinker, heavy drinker, brawler and marksman - not to mention he works for the type of intelligence agency that allows him to drive a Maserati, Porsche, or Ferrari fully equipped with rockets, seat ejectors, speed boosts and automatic weapons. If living the lavish life and saving the world on the weekends isn't your fairytale lifestyle we may not be cut from the same bolt of fabric. And that's OK most people can't match our chambray. 

I first fell in love with Bond, James Bond, in elementary one week while I was down with a serious flu. There was a Bond Marathon on TNT and I watched everyone they showed and whenever they ran it. I couldn't leave the screen or the bed it was perfect. Over the years Pierce Brosnan would star as the Bond of our generation and he, in my personal opinion, upheld the bar that Sean Connery set as a youthful version of himself. Then to my surprise after the written and cinematic legend came the virtual version. N64 forever cemented first person shooter games and Goldeneye in the hearts and minds of kids everywhere boy, girl, and even some dads. So for us at Club907 it's a natural motif and it's the logo for our Club907 collections that we will dropping intermediately throughout the year. We'll be showcasing the lifestyle for the first time on Jan 31st. We'll have parties and hangouts in the store always but Club907 nights are top shelf.   

Posted below are my two must see Bond flicks. I'll explain why in further detail.... 

 We are here to take chances, keep our composure and save the world on the weekends. 

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