I spend so much time on twitter. It's insane. But its's part of giving our brand a voice and it needs that and needs it on a consistent basis. One day soon you'll care enough to come here and hear me wax poetic about brands both old and new, pop culture and my riveting thoughts on all of it. Until then Twitter is where you hear us and Instagram is where you see us and that works for us. 

Spending so much time on Twitter is really insightful when looking into the mental portion of your customer base and the organic audience that existence on Twitter. But more than anything you run into a whole lot of Internet rambling on about nonsense and what would literally amass to a ton of memes. It's seriously scary how quick they hit the Internet after something happens, especially in sports or if Drake is ever in public for more than 20 seconds. Then there is natural unveiling of a young generation that may not understand how illiterate they really have allowed themselves to become (or be perceived). The argument "Oh but it's just Twitter" is the worst one because you're spending all your time there and forming terrible habits. If you are reading this, in present day,  you were here before twitter and the only place before Twitter you would write in such broke english was Myspace.

But we all understand the word shortcuts and you can see it in emails today because of text messaging. There were several times that I've seen "dnt" or "ur" in an email that is suppose to be considered professional. The point is that it's really all perception and if you're going to speak up and speak out on topics you have to look intelligent in some form or you're disregarded and you end up as content on hilarious videos like this one: 

Who knows the age of these people, but it does it really matter? Lets do better as humans. Sheesh. Hahahaha.

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