Sometime in November GLENN was at the shop and talking with us in front about what he was planning to for his birthday. He didn't divulge his plans he just expressed that he was setting up something that would considered a legendary night. 

Not much more than a week later he returned with details about a Jazzbones line-up that he was culling and would be a first time vibe for the TOWN and Jazzbones. His plan was to take his favorite emerging punk band from Tacoma Rat Path and mesh them into a night with ILLFIGHTYOU. He leaves us with that.

Then he's back again, this time with the first flyer and he's added the Half Pint open mic regulars The Approach to the bill and his favorite up and coming hip-hop act :30 are on the bill as well. At this point we are completely sold on the idea and can tell the night will be a sell out. 

He brings us tickets a week later and the ball is officially rolling and the tickets sell out twice in in-store within in one week. The pace is set. The timing is right. And here is the proof.

GLENN gave himself the best birthday party/gift ever and Tacoma a chance to see its current pride and joy, ILLFIGHTYOU, right here where it originated - for the first time. I was in the middle of the pit - it was sweaty chaos. I was smashed in between the diehard fans, overly excited first-timers, and one particular young lady who was doing her best to throw her weight around and sway the crowd to whichever side she chose - unforgettable moment - I also dropped GLENN during a stage dive. Sorry bud, luv ya. Also an unforgettable moment. HAHAHAHA 

Perris WrightComment