EVENT: Do The Extraordinary DTE 6th & Olive GRAND OPENING

6th and Olive was the scene on a Friday night. External LED light attachments, a bustling corner full of fashion enthusiasts dressed in black and a packed house in side brushing through the racks and listening to live music in the spacious DTE Seattle. The music, due to our fashionably late arrival and exceptional timing is The BGP, the band we wanted to see and the closing performance before the grand finale runway show. Justin has really out done himself in the best way possible, taking the blueprint from something impressive but frankly before it's time a bit in Tacoma and placing it in the heart of downtown's fastest growing metropolitan - all the potential is present. The crowd is a healthy mixture of young fashionista faces, family, friends, media and consumer. Thanks to our good friend Travis the eTceTera team had VIP seating and prime positioning for photo opportunities. You really have to love your plugs. There were plenty of familiar faces in the building - always good to see Marshall (TheStyleCommitment) and Dave (Estate). 

The runway show was the highlight, so the programing was obviously in order, the lights dimmed the DJ played and the models moved swiftly. The collection was impressive plently of DTE knitwear, a hooded poncho in reflective nylon with leather accents, attractive drop crouch silhouettes in several materials (our favorite was the jersey), the hooded poncho also came in burgundy herringbone with leather accents and a cowl neck pullover with riveted hardware on the kangaroo pouch. But our favorite piece from the collection didn't get a chance to make the runway; an external hood attachment perfect for Washington weather and not your typical accessory. You have to keep in mind that these pieces are all handmade in back of DTE flagships, that is made in America sportswear, so price points tend to range from $110- 200+ for apparel but as low as $25 for handmade beaded bracelets. DTE is sure to be a thriving business even moreso in Seattle than it has been in the TOWN. It's a big business model they've built and it's the perfect time to go big - support DTE.   

And shout out eTc_Perry for the flicks. 

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