Rare Panther is fine tuning their products every season, (or ACT as they prefer to say) there is a conscious effort to keep things logo based throughout each act leaving little room for sub categorized themes. They aren't your typical graphics brand - it's about branding and maintaining the aesthetic almost in a rigid uniformed manner. It works; and although they are often compared to brands like Ice Cream/BBC because their use of pop color and basic enlarged logo motifs. You can be sure that you're going to find their 'bolt' somewhere on every piece, sometimes it's meant to blend in and can be found small and tonal on a sleeve hit or other appropriate placement for branding. Other times the 'bolt' is meant to capture attention and is very bold and bright in RP's signature electric blue or the occasional white. It's that consistency within theme that really makes RP a stand out for us and to the culture - there is a clear sense of identity that you can see across the board and that kind of continuity is admiral and as a consumer and fan it breeds purchasing power.

Select pieces of ACT 004 Del. 1 is in-store now. Come down to 907 and add something to the wardrobe. ACT 004 Del 2 should be landing soon stay tuned to our IG & Twitter for updates. 

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