As a follow up to Sinclair's write up on Fear of God Season IV we thought it was to show you the collection the way designer JL intended.  

Jerry Lorenzo is a great father, great promoter and more recently a great designer. His journey has been long and his vision is concrete. He is focused on the task at hand; curate collections that are cohesive as pieces and separates. This look book is more than an ode to the collection it's really an ode to Jerry's persona style - which is common in the initital seasons of any potential break out designer they have to bare their souls in order to sell. There are several forms of that. Jerry's is within his monologue at the beginning of Season IV's visual representation and specifically the music used to score it. The classic gospel song is a staple in any predominately black church and even some inner city predominately white churches.  Blending such a modern and visual aesthetic with a such a Southern heritage gospel was the perfect percentage of juxtaposition.  This is the type of fusion fashion has yet to be seen on the commercial side of the runway - but due to Jerry's status, a status he built himself, the respect is there.

Watch the below. Save up and shop FOG. 

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