PRODUCT: eTceTera - The Homies T

This season eTceTera Fall '15; The Homies was released Sept 26th. The collection was developed with the intentions of paying homage to the people that support us. Our friends are always inspiration for the RND program here at eTceTera, it's plays off their personal style that we integrate into the culture and story of all our full collections.  When we were 16 and selling clothing in the high school parking lot the mindset for a lot of our customer base was breaking bread was the slogan. There were plently of kids who would by shirts simply based of an association they had with one our friends. Because of that blind support our original logo T-shirt became the 'mark of the member' it was an interesting time and we learned about brand loyalty first-hand. 

The homies T is the featured item of Fall'15 and for good reason. The aesthetic is nostalgic but still very prevalent with today's mass consumer's fetish with Japanese brand A Bathing Ape. Our spin comes from Pharrell's vision of the company, as he was a character of influence for the brand within in the US. He created characters with the likeness of himself and BAPE creative-director Nigo and put them on the side of the infamous Bapesta and then one step further as the cover art for his first and only solo hip-hop record "In My Mind". By doing so Pharrell enshrined that character illustration style and years later it still has the reaction, once see one you want to make your version. So we did it. Salute to the homies. 

Umi WagonerComment