Love him or hate him Jerry Lorenzo is consistently coming with heat. Aesthetically unmatched with oversized basics like tees, tank tops, and hoodies. I don't know if you've been living under a rock but two to one if you've went shopping lately you've seen a Fear of God rip off. None of it may be cutting edge but it redefines "Americana" classic plaid print shirts, ripped jeans, and bombers, to me, is that classic American style we all thought was cool but didn't have the balls to try. Or maybe that's just me, ever since I was a kid the cool thing to me was my naturally ripped denim paired with some cool flannel out of my dads closet...anyway, Jerry then takes that classic look and adds a clean but street feel to it. I also believe Jerry Lorenzo aces exactly what Kanye was trying to accomplish with Yeezy Seasons 1&2. He's also embarking on a journey into shoes now, I personally love them, they remind me of the military boots made famous by him and his cohort Mr. West. Honestly it's my favorite brand that I can't one gripe with FOG is that it's not really affordable for the average person, but that's another story for another time. Fear or God season IV will be Jerry's best yet I believe, take a look down below.

Kyle MoushegianComment