VIDEO: :30 - SheedBe - Out$ide

The unstoppable "three oh" is back with another one from the young Kobe of the crew SheedBe. Capturing Sheed's star power on camera seems to be another talent of :30 video director PHX on top of having an eye for cinematography and a passion for post production. PHX always introduces a new effect and/or filter from his arsenal to warp in and out of the future visually while Sheed appears to be stuck in a vortex of cool. It's really a perfect balance. Out$ide is another one of :30's video only, no mp3 releases, which has become our favorite, and features a cameo from the homie and TOWN rep Bishop. 

The song itself, while short, is a highlight for SheedBe. Produced by :30's DJQJ the sound remains eerie like most SheedBe bangers but Sheed's bravado shines through a bit more this time with altered inflections in his cadence. The slow unveiling of his personality on camera is kind of the coolest thing to watch.  PHX also takes you to some pretty cool parts of the TOWN in this one - how good is your eye??

Umi WagonerComment