VIDEO: Moments At Wayne Manor : JakeOne

JakeOne is as infamous as they come when referencing Northwest hip-hop. His accolades as a producer have afforded him the opportunity to travel the world and work the highest caliber artists in his field. Although Jake's resume is a laundry list of notable credits there has never been anything about what he does that set him apart in the hip-hop community for us. His style is sample heavy like the majority of OG hip-hop heads. Until more recently, Jake has been working on songs minus the sample and rewinded a few decades with Mayor Hawthorne for an upcoming project Tuxedo. Mayer makes soulful crooners from the 70's and 80's giving Jake a chance to move away from the circle that is hip-hop, write music and play live instruments on the road. It's a better side of Jake to see and in this interview Wayne Manor is able to get his to speak briefly on breaking into that scene with Mayer and possibly find an artist to curate from novice to success story. 

Watch below and shout out MoMo keeping things interesting. 

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