Hands down REESE has been the best dressed rapper for going on 3 years. It could go back further than that - but it's an undisputed three. And that says a lot when you consider the fact that branding weighs so heavily on an acts future nowadays. To avoid dispute where there really isn't one (because it's clearly no contest) lets focus on the music. It's been an interesting year watching REESE drop music and altering his sound here and there to appease the people - all along honing in on the type of music he really wants to make and being experimental. The looooong awaited DSNRTRPN 2 released days ago and any REESE fan should be happy. He's making his sound; tracks like Wanted, In Your Dreams & Money Talks are songs that only REESE can make. Others songs like Break the Bank, Dabbin, & even, a personal favorite, FASHO play right into the hands and heart of his region's sound but with more commercial appeal. Hell, you have to make some for the strip club whether you frequent or not - that sound is still the energy of the scene. You wouldn't be a well rounded ATL artist if you didn't touch it. All in all this one you should purchase. 

REESE is the real deal - not the mold and sold version. He's the ACTUAL skater, who ACTUALLY raps and it an ACTUAL "IT" kid. He's the organic scene kid - the path chose him. 

Umi WagonerComment