The new mission is no longer about informing you on the obvious. If you like HUF/Stussy/10Deep then you don't have to go far in order to stay updated. But if you are looking for grassroots and early adopter lifestyle T's where do you look?? There is nothing poppin for and/or centralized around what big box retailers call "no name" brands. Brands that haven't been able to get their brand on celebrities other then the local ones (who often make the best models anyway). So we've started to hunt, making it a point to put you on to as little of what is popular as possible. It's about what's cool again - finally.

This brand SECOND2NONE is one of the coolest. It's a one man operation ran by a young gun named Marcus. This kid has real belief in the culture as a whole, he understands streetwear, rarewear and takes notes from high-end here and there as well. But more importantly he's putting out good graphics with strong back stories and you can feel the identity in his branding because of it. Some of our favorites since following SECOND2NONE are the BeBetter New Balance flip and there is an epic Keith Haring flip in the archives as well. Understanding reference and the impact of what you are referencing his rarewear rule 1 for any creative director and something that can't be taught via pop culture - but it can be acquired over time through experience. You can smell the experience behind SECOND2NONE LMTD and after a little research you will see there is evidence of something truly organic. I'd say keep an eye out for Marcus and SECOND2NONE in the next two years with this kind of consistency the wave is bound to be real. Kacey can you agree??

Umi WagonerComment