PRODUCT: In Palace We Trust

I would like to consider myself a "street wear" purist, street wear to me is a combination of all things street/urban/hiphop and skate. Although I'm not a skater, I have tried over my lifetime as most of us have. I've always been inspired by skate style. Insert Palace Skateboards out of London. This is one of those emerging underground skate brands that have been booming as of late, as seen on A$AP Rocky, Stalley, and A$AP affiliate Ian Connor. I've been very very interested in this brand for about two years now it reminds me of grassroots skate culture, a little gritty and fashionable as well. It has more recently, although I don't see it, been compared to Supreme. So as you can assume with all the love the brand has received lately also comes the keyboard warriors and their hate. Me being the individual I am regardless of the hate I will support Palace as I already have been, take a look for yourself. 

Kyle MoushegianComment