The same collective behind SOUNDWAVESVOL1 is back and inviting everyone with an open evening to joy them for a one-night-only screening at the Tacoma Grand Cinema on Fresh Dressed. Fresh Dressed is a documentary that traces street and urban lifestyle, fashion and influential faces and personalities that urged its progression into being the pop culture million dollar business it is now. The film was put together via the very credible Mass Appeal in association with CNN. Alongside highlighting eras and moments in time that hold significance to this particular fashion sub-culture - it also touches on the whys and why nots. 

Following the screening there will be a discussion panel and Q & A where panel members will give a brief back story on how they came into the sub-culture and why they've stayed around. They are some exciting members on the panel including eTcTacoma, Dion from Gallery of Ambition, Trina of Genuine Gem, Jason of Tacoma Apparel Co. and Silong of Red Scarf Revolution. Immediately after the Q & A there will be a mixer featuring live music from Sean the Shaman and a short set by the infamous Boiler Boyz. 

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