H33M is a brand that we have carried in the past and it's one of our favorites, if not our favorite, brand from New York. Each season designer Kahim develops in-depth graphics based on the H33M theme of futuristic chaos. It's a niche lifestyle brand, one that is so niche it's garnering a cult following. The best part of H33M is how dark each season is overall but paired with color graphics. This season UFUGAZI and the double helix are the two pop of color in the apparel portion of the collection. UFUGAZI is a play on the school of thought from the forever evolving posers that seem to have a throat choking grip on the mushy minded consumer. Stop shopping Pac-Sun son. The double helix graphic is a link to a more common H33M theme - the human connection and/or disconnection. H33M doesn't make headwear often but when they do it is never a let down and this Kill or Be Killed shank hat is gold. 

Umi WagonerComment