TheWholeNine SF mine as well be the little brother brand to eTceTera. Not only does the art direction come from one of the minds behind eTceTera product but the same passion for homegrown, limited quantity, witty, pop culture influenced T-shirt graphics is evident. They understand the market, which is a blessing to see in a young brand, and they are consider with execution more than complex illustrations. There is a conscious effort to build their logo and you see it in every season. Out of their three pop culture themes this season "Don't Let them Gas You" was for sure the standout. Integrating their logo into the gas can graphic is a prime example of how TWN pushes their logo in innovative ways and the ties together themes with effective slogan placement. If the T is a reminder to you - you should you be able to read it. 

Check out their new season here. TWNSF

Umi WagonerComment