There are legendary moments in the TOWN that sometimes go unnoticed because there simply isn't enough coverage and that has always been an unfortunate part of the equation that keeps Tacoma's influence from penetrating surrounding cities.  But every once in a blue moon there is a video or song or athlete that showcases the talent properly and for a split second outsiders see the T glow that is entrapped within the TOWN limits.

Second Family and Jay Barz did just that, they were able to combine powers and accumulated support that pushed them into, what is now, the 50k mark in the vast land of Youtube videos from 2010. You may remember the title "Bout A Swag" from Cally Reed's hilarious intro skit off his recent moniker changing solo effort - from Second Family frontman to "Call Me Cally's" - Cally Reed. Jay Barz another name that rings bells in realms of the TOWN played an impactful assist - it was an organic moment for Tacoma hip-hop. And there are people like our good friend, and hopefully one day eTc Podcast Host and long time local hip-hop critic, Andy Hyp that understand the importance of keeping this shining moments alive as inspiration to what comes next. 

Peep the Bout A Swag visual below and hear it's influence first hand here

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