PRODUCT: Beast for the Hype (The shocking reality of today's consumer)

I'm always speaking on how sneaker collecting and street wear is no longer sacred, this is most definitely the best example of that. I don't buy the shoes nor do I support Jordan anymore for reasons I won't discuss here, but seriously? Growing up I was a HUGE Jordan fan, Jordan could do no wrong. I'm talking from his collegiate career at North Carolina to his not so successful days as a Washington Wizard; Jordan was the man. It pains me that these kids and sometimes GROWN MEN wait all day and night in line for shoes that they know nothing about, don't care about the men behind the sneakers, or the culture they built behind them. Just slap Supreme on the side of a few pairs of Jordan V's and boom let the hype commence. Although I think the collection generally looks good, nope - not here for this. The culture is dying and it's sad, but luckily eTceTera is restoring that feeling of all things rare. If you haven't peeped the Jordan x Supreme collaboration take a look down below.

Kyle MoushegianComment