UK streetwear has been catching its wave as of late. London's style has always been a personal favorite of mine. The silhouettes are slimmer the graphics are more fine art referenced and streetwear is the underdog because high fashion lives and dies in the UK. Talk about living in a shadow - what shadow could be greater than that of a velvet Lanvin cloak?? But streetwear is about those who seek out and find and brands that abrasively make noise. Brands like PATTA have shown that there is room for decades of success if it can be curated and displayed properly to the youth. Other bordering brands such as Pigalle and PalaceSB live in other sub-cultures but have adopted the streetwear aesthetic and marketing blueprint. Both brands have had heavy collaborations very early in their lime-lit moments and that can be the catalyst to any indie following becoming major - it's tangible validation that you can play with the big boys. 

SCRT is unique in their growth because they started with collective ideas and artist collaboration that weren't meant to go beyond that structure. But when you are making garments, no matter how simple, that garner a following you have to be prepared to expand your product assortment in order to keep a consistent consumer base. SCRT caught on quickly and they now have basics to layer with after you purchase one of their witty collaborative T- shirt graphics. Pair a "All Right" T-shirt, by MR PHOMER, with a lightweight cut and sew parka completely with minimal SCRT trimming on the front, raglan sleeve shape and tonal snap button closures. What is even more intriguing is their oversized lightweight parka is just touching the $100 marker making it as affordable as it in necessary in London where there are only two seasons - rain and no rain. 

SCRT has only been around since 2010 but they have produced a watch and pair of briefs with companies MWC and UNDZ. It's always the cool accessories that help push the cult following. The coolest thing we think SCRT makes currently are their painted character collection of Ts, so far they've produced Kanye, Frank Reynolds and Action Bronson versions of the shirt all of them golden moments in T-shirt history and by Toronto artist Brandon Celi. Visit the SCRT site to stay updated and learn more but this brand is one we will be keeping our eyes and updates on. 

Umi WagonerComment