Halloween is synonymous with one thing in the age range 21 - 35. A party. It makes sense, it is one night being anyone but yourself is openly acceptable even beckoned or at times demanded. There are plenty of clubs, venues and parties that enforce strict costume dress code. But along with the partying comes the more pressing matter, music, the night is filled with dancing and often judged off the DJ's catalogue - so you need the right songs. (Damn just made myself hungry). 

Mazi 24k, Mac Dris and Jaymes Bond (who rap in that order) have released a themed and more direct approach to the evenings festivities. And you just might find yourself "Doooin the MUMMY" a little past midnight with this one. Or possibly in the whip contributing to the death toll, as you attempt to mimic a mummy leaving no hands to attend to the steering wheel. Either way after playing it twice you're a mockingbird all night whether you're saying it jokingly, drunkenly or seriously.

Shout out to Mazi for being a jolt of energy and really delivering to get the partying going. After this one I'd like to hear more from him. Might have to go digging. Of course the vets Dris and Jaymes provide their flare to get the track where it needs to be. 

Aggressive sounds are always a recipe for something to get rowdy on a night like Halloween and when done right, with the right people, it can be a bunch of fun. "This Side" is aggressive for sure and references how dark Tacoma can get on any given night. But the manner in which Cally, Leez and BARZ! use their individual talents to describe their perspectives of the same thing is impressive. We haven't heard anything new from BARZ! in a minute but he returns with his former friendly competitors for what is clearly an "ain't shit changed" moment. It's good to know. All three verses are eyebrow raise worthy cadences and all. It's nothing we didn't know but it was something we did not expect. This is an on your way to the party cut or whenever you decide it's time for a solid mosh pit. 

Umi WagonerComment