The scene has really been picking up this year and the youth are at the helm. Shawn Parker, :30, ILLFIGHTYOU and now I suspect we can throw Seaanbrooks into that same realm. Although he garners less of a fan impact then the acts listed before him he has a presence that we can see  building based off consistency. His last full length Vices wasn't met with crickets applause but there certainly was no roaring in the stadium. The problem isn't that Brooks isn't a good emcee or terrible at picking beats or unbelievable. He has all that - but he's missing for us is the ability to convey that visually. Seeing is believing. And at this point there are several songs he could put out visual treatments for - Work and Plays off Vices, Dick Suck and Word off Throw Aways and of course Like Fuck It from his first full length "1800". But for whatever reason the button hasn't been pushed. 

We're the first to tell the youth - "DO NOT RUSH" there's time to get EVERYTHING done if you're working consistently enough. But you can wait too long and there is little way to gauge that - so we suggest keeping it moving no matter the circumstances. It would appear Brooks is beginning to understand this sentiment and it has not been very long since his release of Vices and he's back and pushing two jawns we can rock with, Ain't High and Animal. Both are solid records but Ain't High has some spirits embedded deep that are infectious. It's only proof that Brooks can make undeniable music. Although right now it's less often than not - consistency in his releases is turning the tide. You can hear the "I kinda don't care anymore in his voice" you need that when you're the frontman. 

Umi WagonerComment