SPORTS: The Tale of the First L – Dub City vs The Clip Show

Last nights game boiled down to who will take that first loss of the season with both teams heading into the game 4-0. Steph Curry and The Warriors had no worries, in the last 4 games he has been averaging 37points per game and only 2 turnovers with the togetherness of the team they are a sure bet. But let us not bat an eye at the Clippers with the missing components they were looking for being filled and with that veteran bench not looking too bad, Blake Griffin is giving them a little more every year they aren’ttoo shabby but is that enough to beat your shooters, shooter? 

Jumping right into it with the first half being explosive, Mr. long range himself Chris Paul working Thompson all over the floor and putting up more pts against Golden State than any other team. Steph having 2 fouls in the 3 min start of the game coming in off the bench hot with those raining famous 3's, Draymond Green keeping everything alive at the post and Blake showing up when need be the beef between these rivals always seems to make the game that much more lively. The Clippers trailing by 8 at the half, Chris Paul starts the 3rd by sitting out with 4 fouls but you wouldn’t know it they cut that 8 pt deficit with a few players coming alive, Blake, JJ, Rivers and Jordan all keeping the boat floating tying the game at 2:26. The Warriors struggling 0 for 7 to put in some much needed shots to continue the lead. Ending the game The Clippers now ahead by those same 8 pts that once kept them behind, Paul is back and everybody is playing their role it's smooth sailing by 8:26 in the 4th, speeding up to the 6:36 mark all comes crashing down and The Warriors are looking like the championship team we are used to seeing let's thank Green and Barnes for that, as a matter of fact give Barnes a pat on the back running the floor aggressively dropping 10 back to back pts in just minutes from there it was an officially wrap, Warriors win 112 – 108 over Clippers.