One of my favorite things about IG are all the emerging brands that are giving themselves the chance to be found. Social media today provides a solid platform for young brands to be able highlight there favorite pieces and sneak peek items before there release, it's a way to build hype. Dead Night is a young company from the UK that understands the power of the visual - it was that aspect of their aesthetic that triggered Bricks&Woods owner Kacey to ask me if I'd seen DN before in passing. 

The black and white only product is a nod to streetwear's yesteryears and is indicative of their knowledge and passion for the industry. Thus far the brand is only two seasons in but the detailing has been present in their collections down to the trims. The geometric wolf head in their first season feels like something P.A.M. would pull off. There is also a "Gravediggers Club" pullover and "1990" snapback in the first collection - both using a greek type face that meshes well with the brand storm cloud motif. 

This second season - now on sale via their web store is a bit more pop culture reference then creepy cult influence. Their "Road Man" shirt is a simple graphic of the unforgettable Nokia brick phone with Road Man pixelated text on its screen - a real gem. 

Umi WagonerComment