Chrle.Co is a new on the block brand - but by no means is Chrle new to the block. Since the cease and desist days of Diamond Chrle has been a familiar face in the Fairfax arena. It has obviously taken him time to figure out what and how he wants to present himself to the world but he's here and it's understandable, he's actually a fine artist and was in art school over the past few years. There was that and running the Peas n Carrots store off Beverly Blvd. He's equipped himself to be a man of many hats early in life and his career, whatever road it should take. But below is the second release from the self entitled brand Chrle. The first being a T shirt I'm sure you've seen on Tumblr if you've spent anywhere between 1 and 60 minutes scrolling, the infamous "Nah Puff" T. It was an awesome start to what I know will be coveted brand. The next plays more off the name and in a damn good way. Witty on it's own for being a Charlie Brown protest rip referencing Charlie Wingate it's a great T; but animating his alias Max B was the icing on the cake and "That was Biggaveli not Charly baby" obviously adorns the top so pleasantly.  


The heat will continue whether on canvas, via prints or more apparel, we're hoping for the latter. Peep Chrle here. Cop Chrle here.  

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