Much like everything else, this has been in the works for quite sometime. Having a brand for Tacoma's youth and young at heart is the essence behind Tacoma Apparel Co. our top selling Tacoma brand by a long shot. Needless to say that void is no longer. But I wouldn't say Tacoma Tikes fills a void, but it helps ensure the bases are covered. The eTceTera family has enough nieces and nephews to know that, although they can't always say it, even the youngest Tacoman wants to represent for the TOWN wear it proudly. That is only an addition to the fact parents are forever asking for replicas of the T-shirts they are wear. Twin tolo anyone - HA, but when it's your mini-me it makes more sense.  It's really just a little something to hold the kiddies over until they are wear the inappropriate eTceTera brand. 

Umi WagonerComment