NUTZ, that is literally the only word we could find all day to describe the overwhelming amount of patronage we received this weekend during the release of a collection we've been holding the cards on for several months. This past Saturday we were expecting a mildly bustling day of holiday shoppers and instead, at 11AM, we were met with a line of 20+ and a store packed full of faces young and old from the TOWN. Many suffered defeat while attempting to purchase the colored ADI-DOME L/S (maybe our most coveted private label piece to-date) but everyone walked out with a bag and a smile in the end. The eTceTera loyalist knew this was a rarewear release they could not miss. Our online stock depleted for most items in the first 45mins of the day and the in-store apparel and headwear trickled out during the rest of the day. It was Tacoma at its finest. But shout out to all those beyond the TOWN limits that were able to bless a loved one with something they know their homies can not. That's what it's made for.

There maybe some headwear still lingering around for purchase before the biggest birthday of them all but you will have to visit to grab what is left.

Umi WagonerComment