Skate culture in Tacoma has always been too far underground. It's so underground that most of the time we can't tell who can really kill shit. Bubba (a friend of the HOUDINII squad) is a name that I heard left in right when asking the skateordie kids I know from around the way. They were sure he was the shit and since then I have done the digging necessary to check out his skill set and he's insane. Seeing him lets me know there are others on the way or skating somewhere on a street I haven't driven past. That's good to know but what may be just as important is a company that represents what they represent. 

HOUDINII will be that for Tacoma skate. The owner is young and in Tacoma on a daily basis and skating downtown Tacoma and elsewhere often. Since meeting him I've noticed that every skater I know or have heard of from here, he knows personally. That can only happen from being around, being a bit of everywhere and being a part of the culture. The perfect petri-dish for starting a brand. Thus far he's sold out of a lot of the heat from drop one. But he left us get exclusivity on his Witchcraft T still available in-store. He is also a filmer/photographer and was the mind behind the Counter Culture Zine release. During that show he premiered a teaser clip of what to expect from HOUDINIITACOMA and he dropped merchandise and was met with a more than warm response from the packed store of youth here for the experience.

Recently HOUDINII took a trip to LA so we know there is plenty of new to expect in the coming months, which may mean some new release. 

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