Reese can really skate. Not like other rappers skate. REALLY FUCKING THRASH. It's tight. Jay-Ughh my kinfolk and RSWD brother-in-arms was the only other wordsmith with a heelflip that I was aware of until REESE. We've known each other for a bit because of the neighborhood and our mutual friend cARTer and I had seen him skate but I just had no idea the caliber until later when we was skating on RSWD with J and Pony Tony - my eyes were opened. 

This latest effort was blessed with a FADER premiere and the cover indicates HUF is a sponsor while 808 Mafia is behind all the production. It sounds like he made this project to blare in his headphones while he's skating. I'm hoping it sounds like this all the way through I think everybody is and that TRASHTALK track is eluding to the idea of that being a real possibility. The homie is really getting his wave going - "I'm climbing to the top boy - like I'm on a scaffold". 

PLAY THIS!!!! I played it over and over while writing this. 

Perris WrightComment