The latter half of my under age years were spent in Los Angeles, California. My families West coast roots are in Compton, property we've owned, houses our entire family grew up in, some of which have been inherited by the young generations. So Cali is my country - word to Alexander Spit. 

The Hundreds may be the biggest and most influential American streetwear brand next to Supreme. Their real claim to fame are Bobby's brainchildren, the blog and Adam Bomb, both of which have earned him notoriety all over the world and the development of some of the industries most important relationships. It's been a cultural bible for some readers for literally a decade now. And now plays host to some of the best writers in the industry - Luis Ramos being our favorite - NO CONTEST.  There is weight in every post, learning is happening daily in an effort to regurgitate it to peers peaking in to see things from a insider's vantage point. The best part about the blog is they focus on people and their stories rather than product and release dates - although The Feed offers a bit of that as well. 

Because of time spent on RSWD the company and it's culture are deeply rooted in what we do here at eTcTacoma. The same willingness to learn and explore what is right in front of us and abroad are key factors in building and sustaining rarewear culture and consumerism. Tacoma has been void of this for so long its citizens are bursting at the seams for a opportunity to indulge - but most are worried about how they will be viewed by us or our crew of hooligans and creatives hanging out at Club907. But if you've ever been to eTcTacoma you know that we are sure to be attentive and informative as possible with everybody that walks through the door.

Chona, who works with The Hundreds and is a Seattle photographer (with an impressive resume) did a great job asking questions that allowed us to shed light on our efforts at what is the middle of our first year in business here in Tacoma and it's an honor. 

Click the link and read the article - tell a friend or keep us as your personal place for getting gear that the rest of the Northwest has little or zero ability to touch and try on before purchasing. HERE. Special thanks to Alina (love that woman), her whole team and our boys Ben and Bobby!!! 

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