New brands are always the best and our inbox stays flooded with new brands trying to get in the shop all the time. Personally, it is the best. It shows the culture is still moving looking and pursuing the path of being forward. Le Seau is an new LA based company created by Andrew Martinez. Andrew literally grew up in the streetwear scene and since his youth has seen the rise and fall of brands, stores and trends. Interning with Diamond before he was even in high school to working for the company has an employee not many years later. His lineage is pure bred but his aesthetic has always been more mature. Collared shirts and well tailored shorts with low-tops describe his wardrobe.

In a world of graphic Ts he always seemed to itching for a placket - even when he would stop by RSWD it was for a fresh button-up; date night steez. His first collection is a reflection of that - instead of doing regular hats he's doing custom buckets and bomber jackets! I personally enjoy everything in the collection if I was in Vegas, Miami or LA or even AZ these would be good day to day buckets to bring life into my all navy and heather grey wardrobe. Check the photos then check the website.

FREEDMINDS isn't anything new. Creative Director Kumasi is a jet-setting individual who has put several different plays into place over his career. I was just introduced to the brand through one of his loyalist fans and brand ambassadors JayUghh my RSWD brethren. Over time I would see Kumasi's influence connect people and create waves at underground parties and do ill shit aesthetically based off DIY tech imagery from yesteryears. He's also a part of our favorite boutique in NY, easily, The Good Company. He really is a man of many hats. Freedminds most recent quick-strike is much like he prefers to do things and doesn't coincide with traditional season releases. This one of the more innovative companies from a graphics stand point - a lot weighs on meanings and their color palettes are innovative. Choice brand - we'll do our best to keep you updated on their happenings. 


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