Some people are on Earth are here to serve the lives of others, these people are extremely rare and usually serve a higher purpose, it seems, then the rest of the rat race. GMK is one of those personalities by default and to a T. His skill set lies behind 'the boards' the soundboard so to speak and that skill set has allowed him to work in rooms with phenomenal local and not-so-local talents. One artist in particular (10 Summers Records, RoycetheChoice) he formed a lifelong friendship with and simultaneously used as a vessel to mold his skill set in pinpointing the best parts of vocal recordings other than his own. Tuning his ear so to speak. And that is just it - it's so rare for an artist to pinpoint their own sound a be able to fine tune it to perfection (or perfect amount of imperfection) after recording. GMK no doubt understands his own rap skill and vocal prowess and can provide an immaculate spit shine to have it ready for car speakers, performance monitors, etc. His life goal is now to share his skills with up and coming artist. 

I was first introduced to GMK through SVNDLAAT leader Leon Swanks - he explained to me before I met him that "vibes are an important thing with G" and little would be completed if the setting wasn't feeling positive. He made GMK sound like a monk and he very well maybe - not in the orange robe, bald head context but in the extremely spiritually inclined sort of way. He sees the word differently, he understands grief and despair but thrives in the mist of it for the pursuit of inner peace, joy and happiness with oneself and lifestyle. He's a world in world creator and he's created his with the upmost belief that anyone around him can and should do the same. 

He translates this through his work as a sound engineer and not long ago opened the doors to Truth Studios an indie artist's post production paradise.Truth Studios is currently located in the Georgetown district of Seattle, WA. 

"Our whole premise is to have artist focus more on what's said and less on what's being spent. That's majority of the artist especially aspiring dilemma. Overall fair and affordable! My whole goal is to help all artist find their truth. I capitalize on the small home studio feel as that's the rawest, the truest form of creativity. I mix that with my desire for someone to sound like somebody someone wants to hear."

What GMK is doing is a huge favor to the local hip hop scene. A professional engineer taking the time to absorb each artist's different sound then bring out and highlight their attributes exerts a ton of energy and usually comes attached to a hefty price point. GMK's business model is to change the accessibility to quality based on price point. So here it is local artist - here is your haven - it may take a drive but at those price points it's worthwhile. Ask yourself, what are you willing to invest??

Perris WrightComment