The sad truth is artist die everyday. Some we don't get to know until after their death and their life's work transcends itself because of the way that in touches the people. Long time listeners hear you thing clearer, feel songs in deeper crevasses of their heart, everything they have ever touched is intensified and you're left hyper-sensitive to it. Certain artist have bigger waves than others - some artist touch their peers so much that you'll learn about their creative genius from your personal favorite. The Jacka was one of those artist. My favorite Bay-Area/LA hip-hop artist is Alexander Spit. He is currently living in LA but started his career in LA. It was actual a good friend named Julian from CBG that first played The Jacka for me but Alexander showed me catalogue and made me a fan - mostly by just listening to it. I also had the pleasure of meeting the man himself on RSWD once or twice during one of the many awards weeks in LA, every time he was a nice guy personable, easy to work with and straight to the point.  

Unfortunately The Jack, as he was often referred to, was taken from this world by someone or someones in the community that he helped to put on the map. He was a real one - so who knows what he could have been mixed up in still but if you search his catalogue you'll see that it couldn't have been much, most of his time was spent in the studio. Below is my favorite video along with a few others. Glamorous Lifestyle a single off one of his last projects and a perfect introduction to how loved The Jack has really become over time. 

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