Part of the thought behind opening eTcTacoma is that one of its functions is to be a clubhouse to not the like minded but those who indulge in some of the same lifestyle hobbies. Hobbies such as memorabilia collecting, fashion, style, retro video games, streetwear brands, the newest rap music, newest indie bands, museum exhibits, local art shows, after hour spots, etc. All of these areas of interest provide intellectual common ground but with people from such different walks of life there was no physical common ground, that is eTcTacoma's purpose - outside of bringing in American brands that are making international waves like Rare Panther & CLSC Co. 

Saturday Jan 31st was our first chance to get all these bodies into one dimly lit room for a good time. And we did just that. Entrance was only through the back, the ladies were free before 11 and the bar was plentiful. The first guest to arrive were two goth-esque couples on what appeared to be a double date and although I offered a smile once or twice in their direction it was all nervous head nods and multiple trips to bar for them. Needless to say the open bar was a hit and after everybody had gassed themselves up they wandered around enough to discover there was a dance floor and DJ just one room over. It wasn't until 12:30 when dancing actually happened - all credit due to Eddie Bermuda (if you were there early enough DJ Vespa did a 30 min secret set). A James Bond montage projected on the wall and red rope lights  lining the floor - the mood was set and as predicted wall dances did occur. I didn't get the two dances that I had prepared myself for but what can you do but set the bar higher for next time. Highlights of the night have to be Tony realizing it really has an open bar and complaining we didn't have Goose, watching the dance floor react to Juve's Back dat Azz Up, when some random white guy attempted to get on for a DJ set then crashed and burned three songs in and the N64 Smash Bros game we got in right before closing the shop to party. 

According to the second day drunk texts that I received on Super Bowl Sunday there will be another Club907 night. 

Perris WrightComment