PRODUCT: The End of an Era / PNC INTL

All things must come to an end. We learn that lesson at the age of 5 when every day is long & spent wandering the planet with zero responsibility. Then school starts and your trek as a human and functioning citizen of the wherever you were placed geographically on this planet. Things are good some days, weeks, months and others are skull crushingly terrible. Yesterday was a text book example of the latter when my good friend Anwar Carrots announced to the world and his fans that the worst had happened.

Anwar explains below, in limited detail, how an associate that he allowed to be involved in his entrepreneurship and dream wedged his way between Anwar and the Peas & Carrots INTL brand Joshton, Anwar and Casey Veggies started and branded for youth culture and budding streetwear hearts everywhere. We were just beginning to see the start of something growing beautifully and at an accelerated rate. Much like the recent untimely death of A$AP YAMS, which effected & shocked the youth, this was so unexpected after such a solid offering for their return season and the revamp of their 311 N. Edinburgh brick & mortar location in West Hollywood. 

Two things are for sure. 1: PNC INTL will be sorely and sourly missed due to the conditions keeping it from being the company it can be. 2: There will be creative action that takes place because of this hurdle that will provide us with better product than we could have anticipated. Keep a close eye on companies like & Ain't Shit Funny that spawned behind the moniker of PNC INTL - plently remains to be seen. None of that takes away from the coarse feeling that I have towards the "past their time" individual I'm pretty sure is the start and end source of this nonsense. 

To Anwar and Peas and Casey - you have our support and always will. 


Perris WrightComment