There is a great divide here at eTc when it comes to talks of Kanye West and his fashion excursions. P, the visual half of the company, is a diehard Yeezy fan - he'll engage in the great debate for sport but his mind is molded and cast iron clad that Ye is the true GOAT. I on the other hand have been unable to agree for several reasons but one in particular has been the fact that Jay-Z is still the GOAT and alas there can not be two. 

But outside of the hip hop realm there is the life of fashion. For years it has been part of the hip-hop mogul blueprint to produce a clothing line in correlation with your record label, crew name or government alias. Kanye was once on the path to that - but fell short with his Internet hyped Pastelle. For years fans of the earlier Kanye fashion era waited for his reimagined version of J. Crew and Ralph Lauren prep palettes on street savvy blanks with basic silhouettes. It never happened. Since then he has dabbled in women's wear on the runway and yelled and screamed about wanting to guest design for Fendi and other brands, dropped a collection with APC, modeled for Balmain, Mr. Hudson'd a GQ shoot and of course sold tons of Nikes to kids and sneakerheads across the world. None of which in my personal opinion, with the exclusion of Nike, seemed too impressive for someone who talks such a big game - because although I respect what he did with Nike - I've never liked the shoe. Even Perris who is a real life fan doesn't own a pair. All that aside Ye's good friend Ibn Jasper (who is a shoe designer himself) released photos of his  besties new shoe with Adidas. Rave reviews ensued on the Internet, within minutes articles just like this one were written, kids began packing their bags to stand online and of course bots were bought. 

Instead of taking the "oh he just took the Nike shaped to Adidas and didn't re-innovate a silhouette" argument, I took the approach of admiration. This is how I envisioned a Kanye West shoe to look - casual, sleek and designer. Third times the charm. The best part, as onlooker is to see how he let his everyday wears influence the shoe that he produced. Style and personal wardrobe should always should be infused in ready-to-wear products - it provides all the reference needed to make them relatable to the consumer. We've seen Ye switch to those awesome suede side zip boots for quite sometime now. His mastermind creation to turn the Yeezy into a boot using his already infamous mid silhouette with toe strap for balance and in addition using the Adidas's inner sock lining for fit works perfect here. The fabric match to his personal boots is my personal detail the camel suede is very in line with Adidas and their special project lines. Is Ye the next Yohji?? 

Perris WrightComment