Over the past couple of months eTcTacoma is making strides to get involved in community endeavors. So far, thanks to BSquared Art Gallery owner Gary Boone, we were introduced to the Tacoma Urban League Young Professionals. TULYP is a program that facilitates networking between young professionals 21-40 and develops ways to give back to economically disadvantaged areas. There is focus on the local black community and black owned businesses but the program is a non-profit in which anyone and everyone can be involved. Currently the biggest initiative is Bust A Move Monday, BAMM requires all TULYP members to promote and encourage several others to promote and support a monthly rotating featured black owned business for one day but all day.  In correlation with the BAMM project the featured business must offer a $5 item for the day.

We participated in the first BAMM with TULYP in support of a great new black owned business - Melon Seed Deli, they specialize in fro-yo and crafty, flavor packed slider sandwiches. The turn out was a success and since then several of our friends have spoke about the word-of-mouth way they found the business and the delicious menu.

Below Danielle Magee, Carmetrus Parker, and Urban League President Victoria Woodards are interviewed by Cityline and give some background on the amazing programs Tacoma Urban League developed and have been a part of for decades. They also get a moment to express the need for young volunteers that understand the importance of growing a support system in under serviced areas and have time they are willing to devote in order to taking action. 

Go Philly in the Hilltop area is the next BAMM recipient- we will be there on the day and doing plently of promotion before hand. Support when can and where you can. 

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