Man oh man this is easily one of my favorite releases this year! I mean it's the always iconic Adidas Rod Laver, this time done in ALL WHITE. I mean it doesn't get any better than that. For the longest time I've thought that the Common Projects Achilles, iconic in it's own right, resembled an Adidas model I just could never pen point which it was. Then I saw the Adidas Rod Laver "Footwear White". The light bulb goes off, oh yeah the Rod Laver. They put a beautiful smooth sole on it to give it a crisp look and gave it some round laces it's almost like having a pair of Common Projects for a fraction of the price, for my bargain fashionistas out there. CP's are often $398.00 or higher. I myself would still go with the CP's, but whether you prefer the Rod Lavers or the Common Projects grab a pair and get fresh for the summer months. And the reasonable US $117.18 price tag before shipping. Shipping is the gut punch but at the same time you have footwear that is not only classic but might not even hit our shores. 

Kyle MoushegianComment