FOOD: Independent Sandwich Company (Indy Sandwich Co)


I found this place while on lunch break. I decided I wanted to try something new so I took to Yelp. This place had solid reviews and was only a few minute walk away from my job. It's listed as Independent Sandwich Company, but there sign reads Indy Sandwich Co..

Food Prep Time: I went there around 2pm on a Sunday and the place was completely empty. It took about 8-9 minutes to get my food, which is about what I expected for what I ordered.

Quality of Ingredients/Portion Size: Everything was pretty good. I got a Southwest Chipotle Chicken wrap which was pretty damn good. The tomato chile wrap was good compared to a few other wraps I've had at other places. The chicken breast was good and their Chipotle cream sauce was a good touch. It went a little heavy with the feta cheese, which kind of threw me off but I won't complain much about that. It had bacon on it so.. America. The portion size, was decent at best, it could have been bigger for the $8 I paid for it, but the quality was good so it's whatever on that front.

Menu/Price: Any menu with the option for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is a winner in my book. All jokes aside the menu looked good. It definitely looks like it has something for everyone. They had a good selection of sandwiches, soups and salads. The prices are good especially compared to other sandwiches joints in the area; you can get a full size sandwich, drink and a cookie/chips for just under $10 which makes for a solid lunch stop. 

Customer Service: The customer service could have been a little better, outside of of them asking what I wanted to eat they literally didn't say anything, which is normally fine, but it was awkward as fuck.. So theres that. 

Overall: I'll probably go to this place a few more times, just because its so close to my job and its cheap. I'd say the food was a 7.4 (don't ask where the .4 comes from) I've had better sandwiches from other places like Sub-machine (which I hope to do a review on soon) and of course the all heralded MSM, that being said it was still good. I recommend you giving this place a try.  

Umi WagonerComment