Covering what we like and relevant names and doing it all the time - that is the name of the game but especially when it's local. Clemm Rishad has been bit of both since we were in high school together and he's from Tacoma. So we have always taken the time to play new releases. I remember being in LA and talking to P about business and him throwing Clemm's name in there like, "Have you heard?". 'Supaflyness' his, last effort, was in connection with the DJ Skee, who has a cult fan base on the West coast, a great power play on Clemm's part and nod to his skill set. The response was good reviews and in Tacoma more anticipation from a break project and success from our pretty piece of the West. 

It has been just under two years since Clemm's last release.

After Will Jordan's phenomenal release of 'Plant City' and it's progressive and impressive approach it seemed only logical that Rishad would be gearing up to release something in close proximity with the same quality in mind. So without much, if any, warning 3/15 on a rainy Sunday he released Sunday Mornings his latest mixtape currently available on his Skymovement Soundcloud. With a pretty powerful cover, expectations, on our end, due to Plant City and seeing it as his return after a two year gap - before pressing play our perception of the quality was high - we were not let down gently. 

There are so many parts of Sunday Morning that are disconnected for us. The cover doesn't match the sound; it's simple, elegant and mature. The sound is dated, over-referenced in cadence and underwhelming when he did offer original material. The two songs that I did like were Bad Manners and Complain. The first of the two being an original and the latter having a witty/amusing concept. Although Complain feels dated too Clemm at least owned it. The rest of the project is over actual mixtape beats - we didn't know that still happened if you weren't in front of Funk Flex's cameras. The bars are pretty on par with past Clemm but they don't seem to have progressed since the last time we heard him and his cadence referencing does not help. Celtic's Green feels like Meek Millz and Smoke Break is clearly the almighty Drizzy. Songs where his cadence feels like all Clemm are Home Run and Oh Lord. But both of those songs don't have that hook quality that make a good song feel complete - that's where the underwhelming feel spawned. 

Needless to say the four times we played it in its entirety in the shop will be the first and last. But it won't be the last time we check for his work - we need something to wash this taste out of our mouths. Hopefully he has monthly drops planned like Will Jordan. 

But hey - don't take our word for it. Listen below. 

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