The bay-area and Washington have somehow always been intertwined with music, fashion, style and sports. There is heavy cross pollination between the bay-area and the PNW. It has built a bridge to understanding in terms of trending moments. Details can be seen in the heavy Nike background we have both always had thanks to Beaverton and North Face/ Patagonia in every closet because of the similar weather conditions. There are other areas where you see the cross pollination a little more in your face - like all the transplants, SF in Seattle, Portland in Tacoma because of colleges (UPS, PLU, UW, OU, OSU, etc) the military and family - you see it often. 

Kevin arrived in Tacoma via UPS after growing up in the midst of the San Francisco city. SF is a hilly city like Seattle and full of several different cultures. Lots of immigrants. It keeps both cities vibrant and bustling with open mindedness and constant reaffirmation of heritage. All of this spawns a mind like Kevin Wong's, he's culturally influenced by the entire world because of technological accessibility but still geographically disposed to have elements of his origin attached. He sticks to his heritage by producing an outlet 'Whole Nine SF' with his partner in crime Jess. The two take what they love about SF and what they love about simplistic graphics to create pieces for WNSF. 

Outside of his commissioned work and what he designs for his own company is free time sketching and that is really where young Kev flourishes. He seems to be drawing what ever Internet sensation for the day his mind decides to capture. The rest of his floaty ideas are just that - illustrated versions of sayings we use in the shop or based on whatever the topic was for the day. He's also done self-portraits that we have released before our Instagram. We are probably Kev's biggest fans because of how much he understands and is a product of the culture (streetwear, men's fashion, graphic design) it is enlightening to see younger hungrier versions of ourselves, in addition, his talent is unmatched because he steez is really his own. 

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