OVER_OPINIONATED: A Minimalists Dream

Call me cliche but when it comes to fashion and style I am a minimalist through and through. You look in my closet and you'll see a bunch of different grey, black, and white tees. A couple hoodies, my favorite leather jacket, and my waxed denim jacket. I like minimal colors and minimal layers. Insert John Elliott + co, easily one of, if not, my favorite brand(s) right now. It's a relatively young upstart brand from LA specializing in essential tees, hoodies, sweats and now even expanding to denim, cut & sew, and even a leather moto jacket. For me it's all about details; and John Elliot + co is pretty much my ideal closet in one company. It's very modern so every thing is going to come trim and a little longer than average, which gives it a nice crisp clean look. A lot of brands talk about quality, I've accidentally dried my shirts a few times which is a NO NO in my world and my tees have held up and came out damn near wrinkle free. I've tried cheaper alternatives and those tee shirts have shrunk, had discoloration, and god awful bacon neck. With John Elliott so far so good, the fall/winter 2015 runway show video recently dropped so check it out for yourself.

Kyle MoushegianComment