Indulging in what the community has to offer is a point of pride in our TOWN for us. And every once in a blue moon family will reach out to us for community involvement. It is within those events that we find the most joy. Tacoma Christian Center is a pillar in the McKinley district and pivotal part of the Eastside of Tacoma. This year TCC's Men's Fellowship is pushing to raise funds for their annual retreat. 

We stopped selling tickets in-store yesterday but you can TRY (and I stress TRY) to get one by being there on time. Or you might be able to catch the online reservation still. Good enough to blog about is all I'm saying.

If you do miss tomorrow on Monday you can make it up to yourself and show up at Go Philly in support of the Tacoma Urban League Young Professionals and their BAMM (Bust A Move Mondays) every final Monday of the month. TULYP highlights and pushes traffic towards one black owned business and in return the business produces featured $5 items for the a day in order to give patrons and potentially new patrons a chance to sample what they have to offer. It isn't just food it's any black owned business - from clothing to art galleries. 

We've had Go Philly once or twice - go and try it let us know your thoughts.

Umi WagonerComment